About Us

about us

A Tale of Humble Origins

Valiant Industries was established in 1971 as a textile trading company. Over the years, through word-of-mouth, a dedicated sales strategy and multiple rounds of investments, we have grown into a sizeable company with two factory units located in Tarapore, Maharashtra. Our humble beginnings have allowed us to go from trading outsourced fabrics to manufacturing the best quality fabrics at our specialised facilities. We are a vertically integrated company, so our finished fabrics and garments are ideated and produced under one roof. Great quality achieved through meticulous application of the newest technology is the epicentre of our business operations.

Since our inception fifty years ago, customised orders have always been undertaken at competitive prices. We undertake orders from our business partners and they can customise it based on weave, fabric type, pattern, texture and design. Every product, including the packaging materials, has been made from start to finish at our factories.

Working with corporates, importers and exporters, we have launched Valiant Industries’ fabrics and finished goods successfully in the national as well as the international market. We are humbled to be a home-grown business that has traversed into international waters.


Located in the port town of Tarapore, Maharashtra, Valiant Industries boasts two factory units that are spread over ____ acres. Since the population of this town is equally split into women and men, our factory has an equitable gender ratio. The local population makes up a major part of our workforce. Our machinery is regularly upgraded and maintained. There are strict safety protocols in place to prevent any unforeseen incidents on the premises.

Our Vision

We are pioneers in the textile industry and believe in our capacity to innovate. We plan to diversify our product range to include more economical products. The idea is to offer luxury to everyone and use our resources to create conventional and non-conventional products.

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What Makes Us Unmatched

 Our quality is unparalleled. We believe that this has helped us make a reputable name for ourselves in the industry. Our core team has been with us for over 25+ years, so we never lose sight of our long-term visions for Valiant Industries.

As our company grew, we mechanised a lot of the production processes. We constantly upgrade our factories’ machinery. Due to this practice, the final product has a neat finished look, sharpness in design and consistent colour quality.

The weave, print and design can be customised according to our clients’ requirements. Additionally, we customise our fabrics and products depending on the market requirements of our client countries.

Our research team scouts new trends in the industry involving fabric technology and design inspiration. They comb international trade fairs, exhibitions and workshops. This research is passed on to our design team who incorporate it into our products.