Social Responsibility

Employing the Regional Population

Valiant Industries employs a vast majority of the regional population in our factories. This is a small measure we have taken to improve the livelihoods of the local population. This has offered the local populace a stable source of income.

Environmentally Conscious

All of our fabrics are made with 100% pure cotton. Therefore, every purchase you make from us will always be sustainable. This is our small way of giving back to the earth. Additionally, the industrial waste and emissions generated by our factories are treated in compliance with government standards before safe disposal.

Safe Working Conditions

To safeguard our employees from any unforeseen risk, we provide the best safety equipment available. This includes helmets, safety goggles, respirators, masks, earplugs and safety gloves. Due to the stringent application of these safety protocols, there has been a very low incident rate in our factories.

Training Facility for Women and Girls

A training facility for women and girls is in the works. The facility aims to train candidates in the art of sewing. This will provide new horizons for them when they join the workforce.