Valiant Industries does not compromise on quality. Naturally, we use only the best-in-class technology to manufacture our premium products.

Dyeing machines

Sclavos Softflow Machine
Kuster Padding Mangle

Printing Machines

SPG Prints Laser Engraving BEST LEN
Zimmer Rotary – 16
Stork Rotary – 12 colours
MHMS Rotary – 15 colours

Finishing Machines

Montex Stenter
Caru Carbon Finish
Ronson Shrinking Machine
Menzel Washing Range
Texfab Ager Machine
Texfab Washing Range
Ehwha Glotech Stenter

Pre-Process Machines

Menzel Continuous Mercerise Machine
Menzel Continuous Bleaching Range
Beninger Continuous Bleaching Range