Innovation is at the heart of our business. Our design and research team love experimenting with ways to use technology in the creation of products that are more luxurious than the last. That’s why we have partnered with the following brands that are determined on creating elite garments.


Synergized Cotton

Using a combination of high-grade technological processes and premium quality raw materials, Synergized Cotton is a leading type of premium cotton that we are licensed to manufacture. The brand’s distinctive qualities of softness, durability and colour retention make it one of a kind.

Suave Cotton

Suave Cotton is a brand in the United States. We have a license to manufacture their products. The brand’s product line is a testimony to its premium quality, updated technology and innovation.

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We’re big on sustainability. That’s why we recycle all our fabric scraps leftover after stitching into stylish multi-purpose bags. These bags are practical, strong and are available in an assortment of colours, patterns and designs.

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